CMR 200 (100 Ron)

CMR (100RON, 88MON and 1.9% oxygen) 25 L Drum € 96.75 50 L Drum €185.50 200 L Drum €688.00
Fabrikant: Sunoco
Artikelnummer: SUN-CMR
€3,44 excl. BTW

SUNOCO CMR (100RON, 88MON and 1.9% oxygen)


Sunoco CMR racing fuel is a high quality unleaded MSA conformant race petrol designed to provide maximum power, consistently. It has a high oxygen content resulting in more power, cleaner burning and faster engine response. It provides protection against knock up to compression ratios of 11.5:1 (higher in small bore aluminium cylinders and aluminium cylinder head applications) and is within the MSA specification for competition in all MSA sanctioned events. 


Typical applications

  • All MSA sanctioned events where petrol is used as a fuel
  • Meets the requirements of BS7800 (super unleaded) BSEN228(unleaded) MSA, FIM, FIA, CIK
  • Control fuel for BRDC F3, MINI Challenge, LMP3 Cup and Radical UK Championships
  • Available at Snetterton circuit petrol station

Available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums.