Billet hemi wet sump oil pump, 2.1 t gear, for A / Fuel Cars

Billet hemi wet sump oil pump, 2.1 t gear, for A / Fuel Cars
Fabrikant: System One
Artikelnummer: S1-235-900781-3
Fabrikant Artikelnr: 235-900781-3
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Billet HEMI Oil Pumps

These Chrysler Billet Pumps are the Most Efficient Wet Sump Oil Pumps on the Market today, PERIOD! They are Hard Black Anodized and hand fitted with Blue Printed Spur Gear sets. The oil pressure is adjustable from 125 lbs. to 250 lbs. A low pressure set up is also available from 80 to 125 lbs. Available in a #16, #20 or #16 Quick disconnect fitting for the scavenge side and a #12 in and out, to and from the Oil filter. It also has a # 8 O-ring boss port for rear oiling, oil pressure gauge, or your Racepak computer (fitting not supplied) Available in 3 different sizes. 1.8 Gear is 29 GPM For Pro Mods and Alcohol Cars 2.1 Gear is 34 GPM For A/Fuel Dragsters 2.4 Gear is 39 GPM For Big Show Top Fuel Cars 235-900780-2 Hemi Wet Sump Oil Pump 1.8 Gears for Pro Mods & Alcohol Cars 235-900781-3Hemi Wet Sump Oil Pump 2.1 Gears for A/Fuel Cars 235-900782-4 Hemi Wet Sump oil Pump 2.4 Gears for Big Show Top Fuel For a Low Pressure set up, add LP to the end of the part number