260 GT PLUS (109 RON)

260GT PLUS (109RON, 99MON and 4.8% oxygen) 25 L Drum €123.25 50 L Drum €239.50 200 L Drum €900.00
Fabrikant: Sunoco
Artikelnummer: SUN-260GTPLUS
€4,50 excl. BTW

SUNOCO 260GT PLUS (109RON, 99MON and 4.8% oxygen)



Has the highest octane rating of any unleaded racing fuel in the Sunoco range and will allow significantly increased boost levels in supercharged or turbocharged applications. It has a very high oxygen content to enable a richer mixture resulting in more power and rapid response of the engine. It produces excellent power in engines with small carburettors. 260 GT Plus provides protection against knock up to compression ratios as high as 15:1. 

Sunoco 260 GT Plus MSDS



Typical applications

  • Modern high performance sports cars
  • Turbo charged cars, popular within Japanese tuning scene
  • Performance Motorcycles
  • Short oval stock cars 

Please note that due to the very extreme design of this high power fuel it is by nature very unstable. Make sure that you do not expose the fuel to direct sunlight and do not keep containers open. Do not leave fuel in the vehicle's tank for longer than 48 hours if it is not guaranteed airtight.