260 GT (105 RON)

260GT (105RON, 95MON and 3.5% oxygen) - Unleaded 25 L Drum €137.75 200 L Drum €964.00
Fabrikant: Sunoco
Artikelnummer: SUN-260GT
€4,82 excl. BTW

SUNOCO 260GT (105RON, 95MON and 3.5% oxygen) - Unleaded



With the highest octane rating of any US street legal fuel, 260 GT will allow increased boost levels in supercharged or turbocharged applications. It contains no metallic compounds to harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. It has a high oxygen content to enable a richer mixture resulting in more power and rapid response of the engine. 260 GT provides protection against knock up to compression ratios as high as 14:1.

Sunoco 260 GT MSDS


Typical applications

  • Modern high performance sports cars
  • Turbocharged cars particularly Japanese modified
  • Performance Motorcycles