Sunoco Racing Fuels


For decades Sunoco’s fuels have been associated with racing excellence. Since the mid-60s, when Sunoco and the Roger Penske Racing Team with Mark Donahue forged what would be a long and successful alliance, the company has grown into an industry powerhouse.


Today, Sunoco has expanded the reach of its race fuels around the world, to include all types of professional motorsports and other activities where premium race fuels make a difference.

In the US Sunoco is the official fuel of NASCAR. Winning on today’s racing circuit requires more than an exceptional driver and a well-built car, it takes high-performance racing fuels that are willing to go the distance – fuels like those produced by Sunoco.

As the largest manufacturer and refiner of racing fuels in the world, Sunoco offers drivers more choice than ever.

Sunoco blends every one of its race fuels in-house. Then, it analyses and tests each batch under strict laboratory conditions. This ensures that you receive a reliable high-quality gasoline every time


The octane number displayed at gas stations is an average of RON and MON (Ron + Mon / 2).

RON is measured under mild conditions and is more important in controlling part throttle knock. If an engine is pinging at part throttle it needs more RON . 

MON is measured under more severe conditions, and as a result, the number is lower than for the mildly-tested Ron. If an engine is detonating at wide open throttle a higher MON is required. MON is the most important number for race engines. Higher octane does not mean more power, unless the engine is experiencing detonation.