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Racepak LLC was founded in 1984 by Spencer Eisenbarth and Ron Armstrong, originally as Racepak and its parent company, Competition Systems, Incorporated (CSI). Both men were engineers with strong backgrounds in electrical and mechanical applications, and both had an interest in motor sports. Through an earlier joint effort aimed at obtaining data for the improvement of the Unlimited Hydroplane that Armstrong was piloting at the time, both men realized the need for onboard data acquisition equipment.

Their respective backgrounds qualified them to develop such equipment, but the major task that needed to be overcome was in designing and building a data recorder that could survive in the unfriendly world of race vehicles. That challenge became the initial goal that led to the formation of Competition Systems, Inc. The continued success of Racepak has allowed CSI to grow. In the years that have followed Eisenbarth and Armstrong have quietly guided CSI into a strong presence in many forms of motor sports. More importantly they have reinvested heavily into supporting the quest for information technology, and have positioned the company as a leader in the data acquisition industry.

This has expanded their clientele to include industrial applications, OE manufacturers, and testing facilities, as well as a broad spectrum of land, water, and snow-based motor sports. Today the company, and it’s large engineering and manufacturing staff, are housed in a 12,000 square foot building in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, about fifty miles south of Los Angeles. From the single original Racepak data recorder our line has now grown to include a large selection of unique loggers, software, gauges, and ancillary equipment all designed for the sole purpose of gathering data.

In 2000, Racepak began the initial design of their first GPS based data system. In 2001 this system soon found its way to various forms of professional motorsports, such as circle track, road racing and offshore power boats. In 2003, the initial G2X design was conceived. A slow and deliberate development program was initiated, accumulating in the current G2X data system.

Racepak LLC continues to follow the same guidelines and desires that have placed us atop the data acquisition industry. Our unwavering goal to produce reliable, efficient, state of the art data recorders, at a price accessible to professionals and sportsmen alike, and back them with whatever service our customers may need, is as strong today as it was in 1984. The dedicated team at Racepak is proud of our accomplishments and the accolades that have come our way, but at the same time we believe that our future is directly linked to our reputation. Consequently, quality equipment and customer service continue to be more than just an advertising slogan at Racepak.

Our push toward constant improvement, a lack of satisfaction with the status quo, and the burning desire to achieve the impossible, have made us a perfect match for the customers we serve.

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Cable 144" RPM, USM

Cable Molinex 144" with 3 pin RPM connector
€32.56 excl tax

Cable 144" temp sens, USM

Cable 144" For Racepak Water temp sensor to USM
€32.56 excl tax

Cable 3,5mm Plug to DB09F

V300SD,IQ3 & Sportsman serial cable
€17.60 excl tax

Cable adapter USB to RS232

Racepak Cable Adapter USB to RS232
€39.60 excl tax

Cable Assy 10Ft Binder 5 pos

SmartWire to Switch Panel/Module Connection Cable Assembly 10Ft
€58.96 excl tax

Cable Assy 18 Inch Binder 5 Pos

SmartWire to Switch Panel/Module Connection Cable Assembly 18"
€58.96 excl tax

Cable Assy 2Ft Binder 5 pos

SmartWire to Switch Panel/Module Connection Cable Assembly 2Ft
€58.96 excl tax

Cable Assy 3Ft Binder 5 pos

SmartWire to Switch Panel/Module Connection Cable Assembly 3FT
€58.96 excl tax

Cable Assy 4Ft Binder 5 pos

SmartWire to Switch Panel/Module Connection Cable Assembly 4Ft
€58.96 excl tax

Cable Assy 6Ft Binder 5 pos

SmartWire to Switch Panel/Module Connection Cable Assembly 4Ft
€58.96 excl tax